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Lofoten Islands Cruise

Lofoten islands cruise.


Lofoten Islands, Norway.
Nowhere does the midnight sun shine to greater effect than on Norway's Lofoten Islands, anchored above the Arctic Circle. Their purple mountains and green meadows, bright fishing boats and rust-red cottages on stilts are mirrored in Caribbean-blue sea. Edgar Allen Poe described the seas around as 'lashed into ungovernable fury... the bed of waters seamed and scarred into a thousand conflicting channels bursts into frenzied convulsion - heaving, boiling, hissing'.
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Europas best beach for romance.
Utakleiv beach, Lofoten, Norway.
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Beyond the Arctic circle, Norway of North and Islands LOFOTEN should not leave you of ice. If the sun of summer is with go, you will forget quickly that you are to 3000 km of France and so close to the pole. more.  Virtual Turist

Lofoten is the archipelago, west of Narvik and 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. They are a collection of five large and five smaller islands. More.

The icy waters of Tysfjord stretched into seemingly infinite black depths. I was floating face down in the fjord, wearing a mask and snorkel, and protected from the cold by a diving dry-suit. In the weak November light, the water had the delicate yellow tinge of fine China tea, a sepulchral gloom which was strangely calming. More

The Lofoten Islands (or simply Lofoten ) are an archipelago of islands at the 67th and 68th degree parallels in the Arctic circle, off the Northwest coast of Norway . more.
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Lofoten Islands Cycling Tour.
I had been impressed by the magnificent scenery of northern Norway when, during an inter-railing trip 3 years ago, we had taken the train to Narvik, far beyond the Arctic circle, and then the bus on a long and winding journey down the coast to Bodø. I think it was at that time that I first became aware of the Lofoten Islands - as I researched the places we were to visit in Norway, I could not help but notice references to these magnificent islands, which we were not to visit! more.


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